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• Search Engine Optimization

As we all know free marketing is good marketing. The free listings search engines list are called organic listings and are shown on every search engine below the first 1-3 listings which are called "Sponsored Listings" or paid ads. 99% of great rankings come from great content including the tags in your head section of code. The others come from great linking partners and we can help you with both!

We at New Visionz will do everything we can to get you the ranking you need to succeed, but can not guarantee specific results. I'm sure at some point you have seen an ad that says "First Page of Google Guaranteed" These ads are always misleading in one of two ways, 1) They place you on googles first page with keywords or keyphrases no one EVER searches for. This doesnt do you any good at all because the whole point of being in a search engine is so people will find you when they type in the specific key word or phrase they are searching for. 2) The other kind of misleading companies use what is called "Black Hat Strategies" These strategies include things like link farm listings, and invisible text. These strategies will hurt much more then they help. What happens is they give a very short term listing (sometimes less than a day) with top 30 placement but when the search engine visits your pages these things ARE detected and the search engine will, in almost every case, PERMANENTLY punish your domain, meaning even if you make the best, most perfectly optimized, useful site in the world your site will NEVER get a good ranking again. Thats why you often see the same site in a completely different domain. We always follow good, white hat SEO strategies and have received top results, even getting #1 listings for extremely competitive keywords in many cases, and would never do anything to hurt your website. Our optimization package includes sending out 100's of link requests to sites that are not your direct competition but are in your industry from all over the country, which the search engines will see and give you good rank for!

• Search Engine Submission

There are literally 1000's of search engines scattered all over the web, What most people don't realize is that the majority of these search engines are fed from a few key players, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, The Open Source Directory Project, and a few others. When we are contacted to perform search engine submission for your company. We submit to all of the major engines as well as 100s of individual engines that work on their own. This will ensure your company is found everywhere people are searching. If you have seen the "We submit your site to 1000's of search engines, what they are actually doing is submitting to the key players and those listings get found on 1000's of others after being found on the major engine.

• Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing programs can be set up with Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Bing (Microsoft) Adcenter. The problem is if you do not know how to set up a winning account, you WILL end up spending more money than you want to, with little or no conversions (a conversion is a sale, email opt-in, or a different goal action that you want and THAT is the most importznt). We Can Help! We have staff on hand that are 100% certified to handle ALL of your internet marketing, website design, AND conversion optimizing strategies!

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